Winter wellbeing scheme returns

Winter wellbeing scheme returns

Date Published: 08 December 2017
Good old-fashioned neighbourliness will spring into action this winter as North Kesteven District Council’s winter wellbeing scheme returns for its fourth year.

When the weather turns cold, there’s ice or snow on the ground and barely anything left in the cupboards at home, those District residents who are most isolated and unable to get to the shops can be comforted in the knowledge there is help out there.

In partnership with Lincolnshire Cooperative, the NK Partnerships team have once again formed the Winter Wellbeing Scheme which will be delivered by community volunteers across the district – who will be on hand to deliver the essentials for making healthy and nutritious hot food and drinks and pet food – to those in need. 

The Winter Wellbeing programme will be triggered when temperatures fall to a consistent 3c or lower, or if there’s snow and ice on the ground. 

There is no age limit, although eligibility criteria does apply – relating to isolation, access to transport, physical ability to leave the house and safety in doing so, availability of friends or relations to shop on your behalf and urgency of need. 

Any North Kesteven resident who considers themselves to be vulnerable and in need would call the Council on 01529 414155, make their request and answer a few questions. 

Once a volunteer has been arranged to make the delivery, they would be called back, asked to make payment dependent on which pack is requested. Prices vary between £12 and £20.   

The volunteer would go to their nearest Lincolnshire Co-operative store, collect the food parcel, drop it in either the same day or the next – between 8am and 5pm – and whilst there, ensure that the client is safe and well. 

Councillor Sue Howe, executive board member with special interest in partnerships said: “It is extremely important that we can support our residents with schemes like this, especially when the weather turns bad. 

We do not want people struggling to get by or going hungry, so please make use of this service if you need it. It is there to support you.” 

Parcels will contain toilet rolls, bread, UHT milk, eggs, tinned beans and soup, sausages, cheese, jam, potatoes, biscuits and tea of coffee. Other packs suited to vegetarian, gluten-free and diabetic needs will be available. 

Recipients of a food parcel can also request a cat or dog pet pack, which are priced around £4. 

To make a request for a parcel, please call NKDC on 01529 414155. 

If anyone would like to help the service and become a volunteer, please email Jeremy Green at the Riverside Church on or call NKDC for more information. All suitable training, safety and safeguarding measures will be taken.

Winter Wellbeing Scheme