Put your skills to good use

Put your skills to good use

Date Published: 08 June 2018
Could you use some of your free time to help your community?

This Volunteers Week, North Kesteven District Council, Voluntary Centre Services and Citizens Advice are joining together to encourage more people to help groups and organisations around them who need extra support.

Whether you’re looking for experience for a new career, are retired and want to use your expertise and support others, have knowledge of social media and getting online or just want to meet new people there is something out there for you.

There are many places that could put your spare time and skills to good use to assist others. Plus, helping your community is also incredibly rewarding. It can also improve your skills further as boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Rosemary Segebarth is a volunteer at Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum, a role she took up after retiring from education as she wanted to do something where she could still encourage learning.

She said: “I was attracted to volunteer at Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum (CAHM) because the final ten years of my career had been spent as an education officer for Service Children’s Education of the MoD, so CAHM’s link with the history of RAF Cranwell and Cranwell College was very inviting. I was also probably motivated by the fact that my son started his flying career as a military pilot!

“I love to assist with school visits, which have increased these past couple of years or so with some exciting new workshops. I also help at any special events where there are many visitors and families, and do refreshments or any other role that is needed. There is a real team spirit or employed staff and volunteers.  

“Volunteers are regularly involved in meetings for updates regarding Heritage matters. I have also had the opportunity to help to develop new education workshops for schools, which link to the National Curriculum, so I feel valued in making good use of my past education career experience.”

For more information about opportunities in your community, visit www.helpmycommunity.org or call 01529 308450.

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