Have a say on proposals for cycling

Have a say on proposals for cycling

Date Published: 07 December 2017
People will be able to have their say on a new Cycling Strategy aimed at encouraging participation across the District in the new year.

The vision of the strategy is ‘North Kesteven is a District where everyone is inspired to cycle. The aim is to increase participation and awareness of cycling and its benefits, promote safer cycling and provide more opportunities for it to take place.

An action plan sets out how these can be achieved, including the development of ‘stepping out’ style routes and information for leisure cycling, supporting more safe cycling training and reviewing existing routes to identify any gaps, explore options for additional provision and create online mapping of routes.

North Kesteven District Council’s Executive Board approved the consultation at its meeting on Tuesday, December 5.

Councillor Richard Wright, Leader, said: “Cycling levels in the District compare well to national averages but we believe they can be improved further.

“One of our priorities is to improve the health, wellbeing and sustainability of the District.

“We’ve already adopted a dynamic Sport and Physical Activity Strategy which sets out how we want to ‘inspire everyone to be more active more often’ and recognise we are all more likely to make a long-term and sustained commitment to improving our health and wellbeing through physical activity if there are a range of opportunities and options available.

“Cycling has many benefits, not only for the rider’s health but for the wider quality of the environment in which we live, work and spend our leisure time, as well as for the overall environmental sustainability.

“But we must also not forget the simple fact that cycling is great fun!”

Copies of the draft Cycling Strategy will be available for people to see at NKDC offices, Local Access Points and the Council’s sports and leisure venues, including ONE NK and Sleaford Leisure Centre.

They will also be available online in the new year, with more details confirmed nearer the time.

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