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Discover what your Council does for you

Discover what your Council does for you

Date Published: 12 July 2017

Discover how your District Council is about so much more than emptying your bins once a week, running elections, managing planning applications and providing leisure centres – all of which we do so well. 

On Monday, July 17,  we will be showcasing the difference this Council makes to the daily lives of every resident, worker and visitor of the District through our Discover NK initiative at Whisby Natural World Centre. 

Discover more about the ways in which we safeguard and create jobs; promote inward investment; build, run and support quality housing options; shape safe, vibrant communities; ensure food outlets, taxis and pubs are safe and properly licensed; protect the public; and encourage healthier lives. 

Discover how all of this activity is prioritised to achieve a stronger economy, better homes, vibrant communities and efficiently-run Council operations. 

Discover how little you pay for what you receive: on average £2.56 a week. 

This is part of a free, fun Open Day at Whisby showcasing the centre and park, where parking charges are suspended for the day and you can enjoy the play spaces, café and shop later and for longer and stay for tea. 

Apart from emptying your bins weekly, running elections, managing planning applications and providing first-rate leisure centres, what do you think your District Council does for you?

A great deal in fact:

  • helping to create and safeguard jobs;
  • promoting inward investment;
  • building, running and supporting housing choice;
  • planning for the future;
  • shaping safe, vibrant communities;
  • ensuring food outlets are safe and taxis properly licensed;
  • running free museums and attractions;
  • protecting the public; and
  • encouraging healthier lives.

Through this and so much more, North Kesteven District Council makes a massive difference in yours and 111,000 other people’s daily lives, through a stronger economy, better homes, vibrant communities and efficiently-run operations.

Together with the voluntary endeavour and community-minded actions of countless individuals, partners, organisations and businesses, we deliver a District of Flourishing Communities.

How it all fits together and makes a positive difference to you and your families will be made clear through some fascinating facts and family fun at Whisby Natural World Centre on Monday, July 17.

It’s all part of an Open Day, showcasing the NKDC-run centre with free parking all day.

Meet the Council Leader and councillors who make the decisions and senior officers who put them into action to enhance daily lives.

It’s a great opportunity to discover more about your District, its Council and what it does for you and a Flourishing North Kesteven.

There will be activities for children and chance to explore the award winning location for longer than usual. And we’ll be at Heckington Show too, on July 29 and 30.

A record residents’ survey response showed consistently high satisfaction for the way the Council runs things, the quality of its services and its value for money.

Come and tell us what you think about what we do and how we do it.

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