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Deal concludes on Welbourn Forge

Deal concludes on Welbourn Forge

Date Published: 17 March 2017
Welbourn Forge is now under new ownership.

The former forge and blacksmith’s workshop, which dates from 1864, was bought by North Kesteven District Council in 1987 as a heritage asset.

Following a review by the authority into its retained sites, a deal has been concluded to sell the Forge to the Parish Council, with volunteers continuing to run the Forge and host monthly open days on the first Saturday of each month between 10am and 12.30pm.

Councillor Mike Gallagher, Deputy Leader of NKDC, said: “Welbourn Forge is a unique example of our heritage and means a lot to people, particularly those who live in the village.

“It is wonderful that the community will have more close involvement in how it is run.  

“I am sure the Parish Council and volunteers will work hard to ensure the Forge has a bright future.”

John Lucas, Chairman of Welbourn Parish Council, said: “Welbourn Parish Council is very pleased to have acquired this unique opportunity.

“We intend it to feature in the projected Ridges and Furrows Walk alongside the several other historic sites in the village that illustrate our extensive and varied heritage.  

“We also hope to inspire new blood in the arts of blacksmithing and invite volunteers to join us.”

Back when NKDC initially purchased the Forge, it worked with Welbourn Parish Council and a group of local volunteers to repair and re-wire the site. Tools and stock were photographed, sorted and catalogued.

In 2000 the forge fires were lit for the first time in more than 30 years, culminating in the volunteer group organising an open day with blacksmithing demonstrations for the visiting public to show the important role of it even in today’s modern world remembering horses need shoes - a job for the blacksmith.  

Although NKDC has sold the Forge, it will continue to support its efforts and promote events that are held there.

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