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Council Tax Support Scheme

Council Tax Support Scheme

Date Published: 16 October 2017

A consultation is under way on North Kesteven District Council’s Council Tax Support Scheme for 2018-19.

The authority is proposing a number of changes to the current system and wants views from residents before a decision is made.

Council Tax Support is a localised discount scheme to support low income families, pensioners, and vulnerable customers with the cost of Council Tax. The amount of discount you receive will depend on your circumstances, including income, savings, members of the household and Council Tax Band.  

Included in the proposals for 2018/19 are restricting the backdating of a new claim to one month; restricting the Young Persons Allowance to two dependents in the household; removing the family premium; using changes to recent legislation which means a person cannot be out of Great Britain for more than four weeks and still receive support.

In line with national rules, all households that are old enough to qualify for state pension credit are protected from any changes. The qualifying age under this scheme will be 64½ years old for April 2018. However, we would still be interested in your views.

Council Leader, Councillor Richard Wright, said: “It is important the proposals are given a robust review so that we can better understand the implications of adopting a new scheme.

“We want the views of all residents, whether they receive Council Tax Support or not, so that we can make an informed decision.”

The consultation will run until November 17. It can be found at http://www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/2018-19consultation

A decision on the Council Tax Support Scheme will be made by Council on January 25.