Statement from the Council Leader on vaccination centres

Date Published: 14 January 2021

Following the latest NHS announcement on the development of further vaccination centres in Lincolnshire, North Kesteven District Council Leader Councillor Richard Wright has given the following statement.

“With every person that receives the vaccine the end of the pandemic is brought a step closer. I understand the vaccination programme is running at pace, with great efficiency and on time; it is something to be celebrated and I thank all those involved in the delivery of the programme," he said. 

“I also urge anyone who’s been invited for their vaccine to ensure they attend their appointments and to continue to adopt a precautious approach to ensure their continued protection.

“I understand the concerns of those people who would prefer to see a vaccination centre established in Sleaford or centrally within the District, particularly given our elderly and vulnerable population.

“But it is important we respect the decisions of the NHS and its clinicians to deploy the vaccinations in the ways they are. We could probably all identify places we think are the best, based on community use or proximity, but these places may not necessarily be suitable for the safe, effective and efficient administration of the vaccine.

“It is clear that those people called to the vaccination centre at Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham are attending their appointments, including residents from Sleaford. There are also vaccinations taking place within the Primary Care Network at Waddington.

“Across Lincolnshire there are currently 15 vaccination locations with a further two planned, plus a roving service and it is important people know to wait to be called in turn according to the prioritisation programme based on vulnerability. I want to assure those who foresee difficulties accessing their designated vaccination site that there is a helpline offering options, including access to free CallConnect transport which can be booked from an hour to a week in advance.

“Importantly, we must all keep working together, following the restrictions and remembering that once you have had your vaccine, you must still protect others by considering hands, face and space.”