Further disruption to garden waste service

Date Published: 09 February 2021

Due to a number of colleagues having to self-isolate, in line with measures to mitigate Coronavirus transmission and the need to access regular keyworker testing, we need to re-focus resources within our Waste and Street Scene team.

Unfortunately this means that we have to prioritise elements of the service and regretfully have to cancel the collection of garden waste bins for the remainder of this week. 

Additionally, as we focus on the safe and timely collection of residual household waste from black bins, we have put a hold on taking new requests for bulky waste collections until all backlog is cleared.

Presently around one fifth of the broader Waste and Street Scene team are unavailable for work, which means we have to reallocate duties in order to maintain a core service whilst also protecting colleagues and fulfilling requirements for self-isolation.

Ordinarily there are some collection crew working on household waste collection and others working on garden waste and other activity such as emptying litter bins, delivering new bins and collecting bulky waste.

To be able to consolidate onto black bins we have regretfully had to cancel the collection of those few brown bins we anticipate to have been presented at this time.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund for those garden waste bins which would have been presented. Please present your garden waste bin for the next scheduled garden waste collection – see www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/findmybinday to find your next collection day.

Our waste crew and those in support and supervisory roles have worked incredibly hard in keeping themselves, their colleagues and our customers safe over the past year, maintaining rigorous controls on virus transmission, hand washing and more.

This situation illustrates the broader position in virus transmission with more virulent strains and its ease of transmission penetrating the tight controls in place and is a reminder to us all of the need to exercise caution and follow restrictions in all that we do – especially when asymptomatic and unaware of whether we might or might not be carrying the virus.

Any further updates will be provided in further e-newsletters, on our social media channels and on the current service disruptions page of this website.

The temporary disruption of garden waste collections is covered by the terms and conditions for the service: “We will empty brown bins every other week except during December and January, when the frequency reduces, or when other factors stop us, such as very bad weather.”

We thank all our garden waste customers for their understanding.

Brown bin covered in snow