A statement from our Council Leader on lockdown

Date Published: 05 January 2021

Council Leader Councillor Richard Wright has released the following statement following the announcement yesterday, January 4, of a new national lockdown.

“For us all to be moved into a new national lockdown so swiftly after the escalation into Tier 4 is a stark indicator of the increased risk posed by rising infections and the more rapid transmission of the new coronavirus variant.

"I know that this will be a source of great disappointment for many, not least working parents who need to juggle additional responsibilities; but also, I hope, of some comfort in bringing confidence and surety of the measures in place to protect ourselves and those around us.

"It is essential that we follow all the guidance and legislation in place – staying at home as much as we can, not meeting with others unless it is absolutely critical and only going out for legitimate purposes – in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

"As the Prime Minister said, the coming weeks may be the hardest yet. But with each vaccination that takes place we are turning the tide against the virus.

"After such a long time dealing with this, and just when we have the hope offered by the escalated rollout of the vaccine, we must not let our guard down, or the sacrifices of the past months will have been for nothing. 

"I hope that we can all see that through full compliance with the revised guidance, this new lockdown is an essential measure, given the situation at this time.

"As a District Council we are already reviewing the measures we have in place to support our most vulnerable and impacted residents and affected businesses, redoubling our efforts along with partners in the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to ensure our communities are protected and well provided for. As with previous grants, we will of course work as quickly as possible with the Government to identify and issue the newly announced additional business grants.

"We must not ignore the increasing pressure on hospitals and always bear in mind that with around one in three people who have the virus not displaying symptoms, it is essential to continue with the hands, face, space guidelines. And if you develop any symptoms, no matter how mild, it is critical that you self-isolate and get tested.

"I thank you for all that you have done in recent times to protect yourself, your communities and those around you, and implore you to carry this forward over the coming weeks. Stay safe, stay well and stay connected.”

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives