Your chance to get a free Dragons’ Den Chimella

Date Published: 16 September 2020

People living in North Kesteven have got the chance to get a free Dragon’s Den Chimella to help keep their home warm and get free entry into a draw with a top prize of £100.

The Chimella is a chimney draft excluder which was featured in television’s Dragon Den where businesses compete against each other to win support from potential investors.

North Kesteven District Council is working with the Energy Saving Trust to find residents to trial the device. Successful applicants get a free Chimella and £25 and you can qualify if you have an accessible chimney and a smart meter so savings can be measured remotely.

Council Executive member for housing, Cllr Ian Carrington said: “The typical person we are looking for is someone who currently puts cardboard or a plastic bag up their chimney to stop heat loss and we want them to switch to the Chimella which works just like an umbrella and is easy to install by inserting the tool into the currently unused chimney and opening it just like an umbrella so it prevents heat loss and doesn’t allow cold air into the house.

“When the householder wants to light an open fire the device is just as easily removed and it can be used over and over again.”

It is estimated that residents will be able to save between £100 and £200 a year by using the Chimella and anyone interested in taking part in the trial should call 01529 414155 where a member of staff will be available to help with a qualifying questionnaire.

“Winter is just around the corner so now is the time to act and I would advise anyone interested in the Chimella to get in touch with the Council as soon as possible,” Cllr Carrington added.

Chimella detailed infographic