Tier 3 statement from Council Leader Cllr Richard Wright

Date Published: 27 November 2020

It's been confirmed that all of Lincolnshire will be placed into Tier 3 following the end of national lockdown on Wednesday 2 December. 

North Kesteven District Council Leader Councillor Richard Wright said:

"Being placed in Tier 3 – Very High Alert – vividly illustrates the fact that transmission and levels of infection remain higher than we would like and, I hope, helps us all to focus our energies on compliance and a positive intent to drive down rates as soon as we can.

"I acknowledge that it will be disappointing to some residents and businesses which were hoping to get back to a position that is closer to normal, and as a Council we will be supporting those most affected, such as with access to grants for the hospitality trades.

"But right now it is essential that we focus on our minds on what we all need to do to bring the transmission rate down and ultimately move towards the lower tiers.

"While North Kesteven’s rates are lower than some others, we know that the virus doesn’t respect administrative boundaries and need to work together to keep the virus under control. The way to lift the whole of Lincolnshire out of Tier 3 is by acting responsibly.

"I thank everyone for all they are doing in washing hands, covering their face and maintaining good space and ask that we redouble our efforts; doing our very best to protect each other, our loved ones and those offering us an ongoing service in shops, healthcare and other public functions.

"And to focus on the objective of saving lives, protecting the capacity of the NHS and suppressing the virus as soon as possible. That is the route to economic recovery and a more fulfilling Christmas season and a hopeful 2021."

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