Major regeneration proposed for North Hykeham housing scheme

Date Published: 09 March 2020

A former sheltered housing scheme in North Hykeham could be redeveloped using almost £4 million of investment in a regeneration plan put forward by North Kesteven District Council.

Grinter House, in Grinter Close, is a building made up of 14 one-bedroom flats for the elderly but suffers from low occupancy due to its dated design and layout. The building dates back to 1965 and was last refurbished in the 1990s. 

Under the plans it would be completely remodelled to create affordable flats for general use, each with their own entrance and increased floor space. These flats would be built to higher energy-saving standards, including boilers that are more efficient.

Reformatting Grinter House would create space for an extra four flats, or two flats plus improvements to the office space utilised there by the Council’s Wellbeing and Neighbourhood teams. 

Grinter House

Grinter Close is a collection of 12 one-bedroom flats arranged in blocks of four, also built in 1965. These, along with an adjoining detached bungalow, would be demolished and replaced with new homes including two-bedroom flats, two-bedroom bungalows, two and three-bedroom homes and a four-bedroom house to meet the needs of the area.

Overall, the plans would increase the number of Council homes available in Grinter House and Grinter Close from 27 to 34, delivering more houses and a wider range of housing options for the District. 

The scope and extent of the redevelopment would however require21mostly one-person Council households in Grinter House, Grinter Close and the bungalow to permanently relocate to new Council homes in the District. 

A consultation period with all affected households started in September last year, with an event held at Grinter House which all affected tenants were invited to. Draft plans were shown and comments invited from them. 

Households were further visited in November by Neighbourhood Services to discuss the plans, any concerns they had and their individual housing needs. 

Of the 20 households available, 12 said they would be happy to move from Grinter Close and Grinter House to a new Council home elsewhere. A further four households did not wish to but said they would not want to return if they did. 

From those 20 households, 15 said the proposals were a good use of space.

Leader of North Kesteven District Council Councillor Richard Wright said: “We’re continuing to liaise closely with our tenants in Grinter House, Grinter Close and in our bungalow on Chapel Lane and I’d like to thank them for their patience, understanding and open-mindedness as we discuss these proposals to redevelop the area.

“If the scheme is granted planning approval, we will work together with the affected tenants to find a new, suitable Council home for them around North Hykeham and the surrounding areas, and provide support and assistance throughout the process. They would also receive a home loss payment as compensation and to help them settle into their new property. 

“As time goes on there is an ever-growing demand for high quality homes in our District to suit a range of different requirements, and the redevelopment and regeneration of Grinter House and Grinter Close in this way would allow us to better meet the needs of our communities now and in the future.”  

The plans were approved by a meeting of Full Council at North Kesteven District Council on March 3rd. A detailed planning application will need to be submitted and approved before the scheme can go ahead.