Don’t miss the deadline for new District Council ward area comments

Date Published: 12 October 2020

People have until 19 October to give their views on the new ward boundaries for North Kesteven proposed by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The Boundary Commission would like to hear from residents and local organisations to tell them if they agree with its proposals before it takes final decisions.  

The Boundary Commission is proposing to change most of the existing ward boundaries to make sure councillors will represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements will help the Council work effectively.

Their proposals confirm the Council should keep 43 Councillors, which is no change from now. Councillors would represent a total of 25 wards - 10 of them single member wards, 12 two member wards and three wards would have three members.

The new proposals include: reuniting Waddington parish within one district ward; creating a separate ward for Bracebridge Heath; uniting South Hykeham parish with parts of North Hykeham; street level small changes for a number of Sleaford wards; and Skellingthorpe ward will be combined in a two-councillor ward with the parishes of: Doddington and Whisby; Eagle and Swinethorpe; and North Scarle.

The public can view the full proposals and have their say by visiting

After the meeting, Leader of the Council Cllr Richard Wright said: “The Council agrees with most of the proposals put forward by the Boundary Commission in their draft recommendations, the majority of new ward boundaries and ward names achieve good levels of electoral equality and community ties.

“However, Council are recommending a small number of alternative proposals for consideration by the Boundary Commission. These include minor adjustments to street level electoral boundaries in two North Hykeham wards and alternative names suggestions for seven district wards; to better reflect the areas and communities they represent.”

Final recommendations are due to be published in January, and following parliamentary approval the new arrangements will take effect in May 2023 when the next local government elections are due to take place.

Have your say on the Boundary Commission Consultation