Council homes amongst best in the country

Date Published: 28 September 2020

Tenants in North Kesteven feel their council homes are among the best according to a recent report.

The tenants of 84 social housing landlords with a similar number of homes were invited to give feedback via survey, and the results were compared by performance bench-marking organisation Housemark.

North Kesteven District Council came out top in four categories, and second in a further two.

The top scores came in the areas of:

  • Overall satisfaction with housing and property services
  • The neighbourhood as a place to live
  • The value tenants get for rent paid
  • Satisfaction with repairs and maintenance

The authority also came out second in the areas of:

  • Quality of homes and
  • Listening to the views of tenants and acting on them

North Kesteven District Council is landlord of just over 3,800 Council homes.

Executive member of the Council with a special interest in housing, Cllr Ian Carrington said: “The survey results are a testament to the commitment of councillors and our staff to the people who live in our homes.

“But we will not be complacent. We will continue to work hard to ensure our tenants get value for money from the rent they pay and we are already working on plans for next year.”

The Housing Business Plan due to be published in April will focus on health and safety, tenant priorities identified in a survey, improvements and new affordable accommodation.

“It is clear that our tenants want modern facilities to deal with heating and improvements to their bathrooms and kitchens which we will be working on.

“They have also told us that they would be interested in new technology being fitted to help with energy efficiency as well as having work done on doors, windows and plasterwork and all of these areas are on our radar,” said Cllr Carrington.

The Annual Report to tenants, due to be published in late October, also shows that 95% of North Kesteven tenants are satisfied with the housing service and that the authority has ambitious plans for the coming year.

Sixty new homes are scheduled to be added to the council’s portfolio in the months ahead which will add to the 21 built last year as the council continues to replace the properties lost under the Right to Buy legislation.

Cllr Carrington said: “We are also looking further ahead and in the next decade we plan to invest £64.1 million on new homes and spend £42.2 million on improvements to our existing stock.

“That is the level of our commitment in this area and I am very proud of it.”

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