An update from Councillor Richard Wright

Date Published: 03 April 2020

It’s in times of crisis that we see the true strength of communities.

The Coronavirus could well be the biggest public health emergency we’ll see in our lifetimes, however I’m both privileged and proud to see how residents in our District of flourishing communities are pulling together in the face of such adversity.

Whether it’s been by self-isolating to protect the health of others or by checking in on at-risk neighbours, maintaining a safe distance of course, each of our individual efforts have counted at this challenging time.

We’re pouring our own energies into maintaining all the services we can for our residents, including provision of these for the most vulnerable in our District.

We’ve developed a completely new way of working, stopping face-to-face contact and enabling our staff to self-isolate by working from home to ensure continued support for our hard-working colleagues on the frontline of our service delivery.

Difficult choices had to be made to ensure the health of our communities and these measures included the closure of our heritage and leisure sites and our digital hubs. Whilst we acted in line with Government guidance, along with the rest of the nation, it didn’t make this any easier.

We also closed the reception and front-facing element of our Sleaford offices. Residents can still contact us as normal on our main phone number, thanks to work from our teams to enable this, and by electronic means such as email.

Of course all of this has now been overtaken by the Government’s urgent and now essential action in telling everyone to stay at home unless you have to work. As hard as this will be for many of us, it is the only way we as a Nation, are going to stand a chance of reducing the terrible effects of this devastating virus.

Whilst under these stringent conditions, we will be doing all we can to help our fellow councils and agencies, including public health and blue lights services, who we thank enormously for their work.

Your elected Members will also continue working harder than ever to support communities on the ground, by making other means of contact rather than face-to-face surgeries. 

We’re working with the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to ensure essential support is supplied to the most vulnerable in isolation, however, I’m blown away by the selflessness of all the volunteers who’ve formed community groups or are simply trying to help others as best they can. Thank you, you’re making a huge difference.

Please keep safe, and I implore you to follow the national action to stay at home and self-isolate unless you have to work. We will get through this, as one community.

Cllr Wright