Taxpayers of empty properties urged to make sure they are not going to pay too much Council Tax

Date Published: 13 September 2019

Owners of homes that North Kesteven District Council believe are unoccupied and unfurnished will soon be receiving a letter asking them to confirm the status of the property.

And if the home is now occupied it will be in the interest of the taxpayer to respond quickly in order that the Council can maintain accurate records and to prevent the additional Council Tax charges that can be incurred if the property remains recorded as unoccupied for long periods.

On the Council’s behalf, a company called Capacitygrid will be sending out letters to the owners of around 350 houses understood to be empty and unfurnished. Owners should either respond direct to the company or use the Council’s website at

The review has to be completed by the end of the month.

Cllr Ray Cucksey, Executive Board Member with responsibility for finance and resources, said it was important that the Council correctly understood the current status of properties in order for charges to be properly and correctly applied. 

“There are almost 55,000 homes in North Kesteven so the percentage that are unoccupied is very small. Whether a home is occupied or not and furnished or not, it is important that we know so that the right amount of Council Tax is billed. Bringing empty homes back into habitation is good for the local community, the owner and the broader Council as they can attract New Homes Bonus from the Government and ensures the Council receives the right levels of income to secure local service delivery.”

The Council promotes the restoration of empty homes through a range of initiatives, which includes giving advice on how owners can bring an empty home back into use. Call Stewart James on 01529 414155 or email