Healthy Conversation

Date Published: 14 March 2019

As it seeks to work more closely with health providers locally, North Kesteven District Council welcomes the opportunity for shaping the NHS’s plans for Lincolnshire.

While the proposals need to be reviewed in more detail, Deputy Chief Executive Phil Roberts said the newly-released Strategic Transformation Plan showed shared aspirations to improve health services, to address challenges through partnership and to engage more fully.

The release of the plans for public engagement by Lincolnshire NHS came days after the Council’s full membership unanimously backed a motion recognising the central role played by the NHS in the lives of North Kesteven residents and committing to support the work of the health service.

Highlighting ways through which the Council’s priorities for service development and delivery – around better housing, provision of arts and leisure services for physical and mental wellbeing, environmental health and securing enhanced facilities through planning gain – complemented the NHS’s purpose, members agreed to collaborate and co-operate more closely.

“We have yet to explore how that dovetails with Lincolnshire NHS’s ‘Healthy Conversation 2019’ but we will be using the opportunity to emphasise the need for excellent health and care provision, the importance of partnership to deliver health and public health priorities, and at this early stage, encourage everyone to get involved in the conversation,” said Mr Roberts.

It is anticipated that ‘Healthy Conversation 2019’ will run into the autumn, with a wide range of engagement events and discussions across the county with the public, their representatives, NHS partners and staff. 

It is billed as an open engagement exercise which will shape how the NHS in Lincolnshire takes health and the health service forward in Lincolnshire in the years ahead, with wide involvement welcomed.

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Healthy Conversation