Food ratings higher than average in North Kesteven

Date Published: 24 April 2019

Food Hygiene ratings in North Kesteven are among the best in the country. 

Food Hygiene ratings in North Kesteven are among the best in the Country, with a higher than average rating of 4.72 for the region. 

Restaurants, cafes and takeaways exceed the East Midlands average food hygiene rating of 4.49 as highlighted in a new report – putting them among the Country’s top achievers. 

Since 2010 the Food Standards Agency has required all food establishments to have a rating of 0 (Urgent improvement needed) to 5 (Very Good), and food businesses are encouraged to display clearly to customers. 

Environmental Health Officers will investigate three main aspects in order to rate a premises: hygienic food handling, physical condition of the premises and facilities, and food safety management. 

In North Kesteven almost 97% of all premises are rated in the top three grades, with 83 % scoring a 5, 12% a 4 and 2% a 3. Only 2% are ranked a 1 or 0.  Together this gives an overall average score of 4.72, which is equivalent to Wells in Somerset, the fourth highest placed town or city in the report.

David Steels, Head of Service for Environment and Public Protection said: “We are extremely proud to have a higher than average rating for our area.

Our officers work closely with food establishments in the District to help them achieve the best rating possible.”

To see the latest report head to or to find the food hygiene rating for a restaurant, café or takeaway visit

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