Christmas Greetings from Cllr Mrs Susan Waring, Chairman of North Kesteven District Council

Date Published: 20 December 2019

Over recent months it has been my great privilege to represent the Council throughout the County and District. 

Along the way, I have seen some wonderful examples of community endeavours and selfless service – not least among the record number of deserving finalists for our NK Community Champions Awards. The exceptional determination of community spirit that forms such a solid foundation to life in our towns, villages, neighbourhoods, businesses, schools and homes within North Kesteven is an outstanding characteristic of our locality. 

Such a sense of serving others really comes to mind at Christmas when we open our homes and our hearts, to care and to share; expressing our humanity through warmth, kindness and hospitality. 

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to those who work quietly, tirelessly and often voluntarily in their service to others, ensuring that life ticks along and needs are met.   

Over Christmas I will be thinking especially of those nursing the infirm and elderly; bringing new babies into the world; supporting the homeless and our Armed Forces and emergency services providing security, safety and life-saving care around the clock, often in difficult circumstances.

Those working on behalf of the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, my chosen charity for the year, embody this spirit of readiness to spring into action in the service of others. One of the UK’s leading helicopter emergency medical service charities, they have undertaken over 18,900 lifesaving missions over 25 years, giving the most critically ill and injured people the very best chance of survival in their greatest hour of need. This wonderful cause can only continue to operate in our community thanks to our mutual support and generosity.

My fellow councillors are busy with their individual fundraising endeavours and I hope others may take inspiration, challenging friends and family to explore innovative ways of raising and giving as much as they are able. We never know when we may need their help.

So many people give so generously of their time and comforts in support of others over Christmas as much as at any other. Bins still need to be emptied, babies need to be born, meals need to be provided, housing found for people in crisis, roads kept free of ice and medical support given. Our Armed Forces are deployed, police, fire and ambulance crew on duty and countless others on standby. 

I thank them all, and everyone else in our District who puts themselves out for the welfare of others, and implore those who can, to do whatever they can in the care of neighbours and others in our communities who may be in need of a little help; whether it be in collecting groceries, clearing snow from paths or just a few minutes of conversation. 

Such a show of good old-fashioned neighbourliness is a strength of life locally and one of the many things that makes North Kesteven such a wonderful place. 

This Christmas I ask that we all take a moment to stop and think of anyone we know in our street or wider community who may be in need. Whether it be as simple as a smile, a lift, a helping hand or a show of concern – let’s all do our bit to spread a bit of Christmas cheer and carry that consideration forward with us into 2020. 

With wishes for a happy festive season and a healthy, prosperous New Year to all residents and businesses in North Kesteven.

Councillor Mrs Susan Waring
Chairman & Ward Member for Leasingham & Rauceby

Councillor Mrs Susan Waring