Can you meet the Chairman’s challenge?

Date Published: 24 July 2019

The Chairman of North Kesteven District Council has given each of her councillor colleagues £10 and challenged them to use it to create more money for her chosen charity by the end of her term in office in April next year.

Chairman Cllr Susan Waring says it’s a job they’ve all accepted with relish and the last time she was chairman 10 years ago she issued the same challenge and councillors raised £4,500.

Back in 2009 the charities to benefit were the South Lincolnshire Blind Society and a group called WheelPower raising cash for wheelchairs for our paralympians. Cllr Waring travelled down to Stoke Mandeville to present the cheque.

This time the money will go to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, and Cllr Waring says this is a great cause for North Kesteven to support.

Chairman challenge SMALL.jpg

“We live in such a rural area that if someone is involved in a road traffic accident for example and we need to get them to a specialist within the ‘golden hour’ to save their life the only way we can do this is with the air ambulance.

“The councillors understand this and have agreed to maximise the £10 each that I have given all 42 of them and if any group or organisation wants to join in and help I will happily give them the same cash as a head start,” said Cllr Waring.

The last time she ran the scheme councillors used their entrepreneurial skills to build their cash by things including buying chickens and then selling the eggs, organising a duck race, running coffee mornings and quiz nights and buying fruit and converting it into jam that was then sold.

“The sky is the limit with this one and because nobody knows when they or someone close to them will need the air ambulance I think groups other than councillors might want to join our challenge. Anyone interested should contact Clare Richardson on “ said Cllr Waring.