Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood plans

A neighbourhood plan gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. Please see the neighbourhood plan process map for information on each stage. Further information on neighbourhood plans in North Kesteven can be found on the progress tracker.

You can complete a neighbourhood plan area designation form and email or post it to the partnerships team.

Neighbourhood plan map

The map below shows the location of ‘emerging’ and ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans within North Kesteven. The key reflects which stage each community is at.

Should you require further information on Neighbourhood Plans, please refer to the additional information below the map.

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What is a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood development plan, known as a neighbourhood plan, is written by local people, 'made' or adopted by the district council and becomes part of the development plan, which helps to decide planning applications. It takes national planning policy and guidance into account and is 'in general conformity' with the district's planning policy.

The Government created neighbourhood planning to empower local communities to help local people to direct and shape the way their local communities grow and develop into the future. You can download a PDF tracker of our neighbourhood plans.

Who prepares a neighbourhood plan?

In a designated neighbourhood area which contains all or part of the administrative area of a town or parish council, the town or parish council is responsible for neighbourhood planning. For non-parished areas a designated neighbourhood forum needs to lead the neighbourhood planning process. This is made up of 21 or more people who live, work or run a business in the neighbourhood area. They have similar neighbourhood plan writing powers as town or parish councils.

If your neighbourhood plan meets basic conditions, set out in law and checked by an independent examiner, your community will have the opportunity to vote on the plan at referendum. If more than 50% of the people who vote say 'yes', the district council will formally 'make' your plan and use it to help decide planning matters.

You can complete a neighbourhood plan area designation form and email or post it to the partnerships team.    

What support do we offer for preparing your neighbourhood plan?

We strongly support neighbourhood planning throughout the process including:

  • advice and an introductory meeting to discuss your aims and outline the process for you
  • advice on engaging with your community and the need to record engagement
  • advice on the types of evidence needed to write your plan and whom to consult
  • review of your draft neighbourhood plan to ensure it meets the basic conditions and
  • arranging an independent examination and organising a referendum.

Visit the My Community website or you can call the Locality advice line on 0345 458 8336.

You can complete a neighbourhood plan area designation form and email or post it to the partnerships team. For further information you can contact us by email: NeighbourhoodPlanning@n-kesteven or by telephone on 01529 414155.

Neighbourhood plan areas

Below you can find all of the neighbourhood plans.