Community funding

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Funding advice and support

Most funders will require the applying group to be a ‘not for profit’ organisation and have a governing document or constitution, and a bank account.

The NK Partnerships team is able to offer support to communities who wish to apply for funding.  They can help with setting up a group or committee, recommend the type of people who would need to be involved, and advise on setting up a constitution. Advice can also be offered on completing application forms. 

Email the partnerships team or call them on 01529 414155.

There is also funding advice and support available from Voluntary Centre Services and Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Centre Services. Visit  Lincolnshire Volunteering & Funding.

Sleaford REP Community Power Fund

What is the Sleaford REP Community Power Fund?

Schroders Greencoat (the owners of the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant) in partnership with North Kesteven District Council makes funding available via the Community Power Fund to support community projects within a 5 mile radius of the plant.

Taking into account any parish that falls wholly or partly within this range, the locations eligible to apply for funding are Anwick, Asgarby & Howell, Ashby de la Launde, Aswarby & Swarby, Aunsby & Dembledy, Burton Pedwardine, Cranwell, Culverthorpe & Kelby, Dorrington, Ewerby & Evedon, Great Hale, Heckington, Helpringham, Kirkby la Thorpe, Leasingham & Roxholm, Little Hale, North Kyme, North Rauceby,  Osbournby, Ruskington, Scredington, Silk Willoughby, Sleaford, South Kyme, South Rauceby, Swaton, Threekingham and Wilsford.

The Sleaford REP Community Power Fund Panel will consider applications on a quarterly basis. Representatives of the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant, the local community and NKDC councillors are members of the Community Power Fund Panel. 

Funding Available

  • We have an allocation of £125,000 to distribute over a 5 year period. We aim to distribute £25,000 per year.

  • Grants are available up to a maximum of £5,000 in any one year.

  • There are two application forms available. One for grants for up to £1,000 and another for grants from £1,001 to £5,000. Please ensure you complete the correct form.


For a project to be supported by the Community Power Fund it must meet the following objectives:

  • Cover one of the following: the environment, sport, wellbeing and education.

  • Encourage community cohesion to build stronger communities.

  • Benefit the community/group by supporting activities and projects that bring wider community benefit.


To be eligible to apply, groups must have:

  • A constitution, or governing document, and

  • A bank or building society account

Groups must be not-for-profit and based and operate within 5 miles of the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.

Sleaford REP Community Power Fund – projects funded to September 2024

Year Date approved Organisation Project Location Grant
2020/21 27 May 2020 St John the Baptist Parish Church Kitchen refurbishment Great Hale £5,000.00
2020/21 27 May 2020 Heckington Methodist Church Community hall building works Heckington £5,000.00
2020/21 27 May 2020 Ewerby Reading Rooms Electrical Installation Condition Report, upgrade of electrical circuits Ewerby £1,928.36
2020/21 13 January 2021 United Together Creative Workshops Sleaford £3,502.00
2020/21 13 January 2021 St Denis Church, Silk Willoughby Toilet and kitchen installation (application resubmission) Silk Willoughby £5,000.00
2020/21 13 January 2021 Sleaford Navigation Trust To purchase maintenance equipment, and produce leaflets Sleaford £2,339.31
2020/21 13 January 2021 Big Jumps Trampoline Club Specialist trampoline equipment for disability group Sleaford £4,692.80
2021/22 12 May 2021 Sleaford Canoe And Kayak Club A project split into 2 parts- The first for replacement of their safety and paddling equipment, and the second to purchase paddleboards Sleaford £3,933.62
2021/22 12 May 2021 Sleaford And District Civic Trust Repair and renovation of a bench/ sculpture on the green (named after Harry Gregson) near the William Alvey School Sleaford £980.00
2021/22 8 September 2021 South Kyme Coronation Hall To install an internet connection, purchase a laptop, projector and screen to provide opportunities for entertainment. An internet connection would allow the Parish Council to hold ‘hybrid’ meetings allowing villagers to join the meeting virtually South Kyme £975.98
2021/22 8 September 2021 Village Natters To produce and deliver the new village magazine to the 400 households of Great Hale Great Hale £1,337.00
2022/23 11 May 2022 Riverside Ducklings Contribution towards room hire and cleaning products Sleaford £888.00
2022/23 11 May 2022 Hale Magna Village Hall To purchase solar panels Great Hale £5,000.00
2022/23 7 September 2022 Swaton Park and Community Committee To fund seating and signage in the park Swaton £2,400.88
2022/23 7 September 2022 Sleaford and District Civic Trust To complete the extension of the Audio Visual Heritage Trail at Sleaford Castle. The film funded will be a re-enactment of a meeting at the castle in 1580 Sleaford £800.00
2022/23 7 September 2022 New Life Youth Club To create a mural inside the Youth Club and to fund the help given by a local artist which will include workshops Sleaford £3,400.00
2022/23 11 January 2023 Tri3 Sleaford Triathlon Club Funding to take the children to Sherwood Pines for a day of instruction with a qualified mountain bike instructor Sleaford £200.00
2022/23 11 January 2023 Kesteven Community FC To purchase a mobile defibrillator Sleaford £716.25
2022/23 11 January 2023 Burton Pedwardine Village Hub To purchase equipment to enable the church to be used as the village hub Burton Pedwardine £3,167.00
2023/24 14 June 2023 Sleaford Navigation Trust To purchase a waterproof gazebo Sleaford £958.33
2023/24 14 June 2023 Sleaford Climate Action Network To run a ‘Eco Village’ event that will be part of Sleaford’s Riverlight Festival on Saturday 21 October 2023 between 11am and 4pm at Church Lane Primary School Sleaford £5,000.00
2023/24 20 September 2023 Leadenham Hockey Club To purchase a gazebo to enhance the spectator experience at games and for fundraising events Cranwell £1,331.00
2023/24 20 September 2023 Hale Magna Village Hall To install 10kw/h of batteries to supplement the solar panels fitted last year and store energy for evening use Great Hale £5,000.00
2023/24 20 September 2023 Sleaford Bristol Bowls Club To purchase specialist equipment to allow them to open up their facilities to disabled members of the community. Purchase of a turf aerator to be able to maintain the green themselves Sleaford £5,000.00
2023/24 31 January 2024 Sleaford Rugby Club To purchase LED lighting Sleaford £5,000.00
2023/24 31 January 2024 Leasingham 1st Scouts Group To purchase 9 tents Leasingham £891.00
2023/24 31 January 2024 Feather Teens To purchase items for art. Conditional on further information Heckington £1,000.00
2024/25 8 May 2024 Wilsford Village Hall Funding towards a new kitchen Wilsford £4,987.87
2024/25 8 May 2024 Swaton Vintage Day To purchase items for their annual event Swaton £4,638.00
2024/25 8 May 2024 Rauceby Village Hall Refurbishment and purchases to improve the village hall Rauceby £5,000.00
2024/25 8 May 2024 Heckington Players To replace and upgrade their current sound and lighting equipment Great Hale £5,000.00
2024/25 8 May 2024 Heckington and District Radio Club Start up costs to purchase radio equipment and a generator Heckington £999.00
2024/25 8 May 2024 Anwick Parish Council To repair the flat roof of the small committee room of the Community Centre Anwick £1,908.50
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NK Community Lottery

Tickets are available online for the North Kesteven Community Lottery, which offers the chance to win a £25,000 jackpot and help local good causes. 

The North Kesteven Community Lottery is a weekly lottery that will raise money for good causes in the local area. 

Each draw takes place on a Saturday, with 60p from every £1 ticket going to local charities and good causes.

Players have a 50 to one chance of winning one of the prizes, which range from the £25,000 jackpot to three extra tickets.

Good causes are encouraged to register for free as a beneficiary of the lottery.  To be eligible, good causes must operate within North Kesteven and be a charity, group with a constitution or set of rules, or a community interest company. They cannot be individuals, religious or political, or be profit-making.


For more details on buying tickets or registering as a good cause, please visit North Kesteven lottery.

NK Community Lottery Grant Scheme

The number of good causes and community groups benefiting from the North Kesteven Community Lottery is set to expand.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation and North Kesteven District Council continue to work together to identify and invite local charitable organisations to apply for grants of up to £500. The aim is to target and support smaller, volunteer-led, non-profit organisations operating across North Kesteven for the benefit of local residents.

The application process is straightforward and help is available at every step (eligibility, structures, governance etc) from our team.

Funds should be used to:

  • Ensure the good health and mental wellbeing of residents
  • Promote connectivity (digital/peer support)
  • Host community/cultural activities and events that bring communities together
  • Support youth activities including uniformed groups.

Examples of the type of project costs that can be requested include volunteer expenses, resources and equipment, event costs, premises costs, sessional fees, running costs, insurance and annual subscriptions. The closing date for receipt of applications is on 1 March 2024, with decisions notified within 6-8 weeks.

Email, telephone 01529 305825, or download an application form from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation Grants page.

NK Lottery Grant Awards March 2023

North Kesteven Lottery Grant Scheme list of bids 

Funds available: £6,738.94

Name of group Project Grant award
The Wellness Network CIC Extend Mind & Body Programme with 6 x monthly face to face meet ups after Programme has completed £500.00
South Kyme Community Biodiversity Group Aid the running of the group which will facilitate materials for workshops £500.00
Friends of School, St Johns Primary School Early Years Foundation Stage children's outdoor wooden roleplay stage and backdrop £352.51
Sleaford Tennis Club Set up costs (equipment and coach) for the introduction of walking tennis £300.00
Sleaford & District Lions Club The refurbishment of Santa's sleigh by replacing the base floor and incorporating a canopy to protect 'Santa' from adverse weather conditions £480.00
Canwick Playing Field Charity The refurbishment of the toilet facilities namely: the interior walls, flooring, toilet and wash basin and general redecoration £500.00
Branston Primary Academies Food Voucher Scheme To supply healthy food vouchers during holiday time to children of Branston C Of E Academy and the Branston Junior Academy who would during term time qualify for free school meals. Inclusive of stamps and envelopes to post vouchers £500.00
Metheringham Swimming Pool Funding for 2 x patio heaters and a marquee pavilion shelter to introduce a series of events £470.99
Heckington in Bloom To place 1 new planter with a watering system and replace an entry planter to the same scope £480.06
Dunston Croquet Chair To purchase one set of primary balls to be able to expand and meet the demand of membership £342.01
Cranwell Junior Football Club New footballs for the next season and meet the demand of membership £417.02
Metheringham Friendship Club Entertainment for their fortnightly Friday afternoon club and funds towards subsidizing lunches for attendees £500.00
Skellingthorpe Community Centre Street Party Entertainment and refreshments for the Kings Coronation Street party £500.00
Branston Short Mat Bowls Support towards the cost of replacing the playing mats £500.00
Bracebridge Heath Preschool & Nursery Renovation costs towards the outdoor classroom £396.35