Lincolnshire Energy Switch

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Our contract with iChoosr who ran the Lincolnshire Energy Switch on behalf of Lincolnshire local authorities has ended and for this reason we can no longer endorse their service. If residents wish to use the switching service they can register directly with iChoosr using the link below, but please be aware that NKDC cannot provide support. 

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Will the Lincolnshire Energy Switch return?

Lincolnshire local authorities are considering the available options for a contractual arrangement to provide an endorsed service again to residents.

Who do i contact if I have a query?

If you wish to register to switch you can contact iChoosr direct on 0800 048 8285. Their switching service is independent of NKDC and all your communications will be with them.

If you previously registered online, NKDC has no access to your details. If you have a query you should contact iChoosr on 0800 048 8285.

If you previously registered and switched with NKDC staff support and have a query please call 01529 414155. Please note staff can only support residents on issues relating to switching in the past, they will not be able to support residents with new registrations or switching again at present.