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Visitor attractions

Visitor attractions

We own and manage a number of tourist attractions:

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre  
Navigation House
Cogglesford Watermill
Welbourn Forge

This former forge and blacksmith’s workshop dates from 1864. For over 100 years it served the needs of farmers and tradesmen. It now exhibits old photographs, displays and memorabilia and a restored earth privy. See the forge working on special event days on the first Saturday of every month from 10am to 12.30pm.
The Green High Street, Welbourn, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Telephone: 01400 272623

We also own the following sites, but they are managed by our leisure management partner 1Life:

Natural World Centre
National Centre for Craft and Design
Terry O’Toole Theatre

For more information about other tourist attractions and visitor centres see the Visit Lincolnshire and Visit Lincoln websites.