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North Kesteven is the privileged home to a variety of landscapes, ancient woodlands, historic buildings and charming villages. CountrysideNK is a service that combines over 135 miles of Stepping Out walks, nature sites, a wide range of exciting and educational events and the watchNK service which all take place within the district. Take a look below at what’s available - there’s plenty to see and do! There’s also a monthly newsletter that will keep you up to date with everything going on in the North Kesteven Countryside!


  • The NK Walking Festival is a celebration of the countless walking opportunities available within the District with walks for all ages. This year’s Walking Festival will take place from Saturday 8 to Saturday 22 July 2017.
  • The Spires and Steeples Challenge is a charity walk following the public footpaths and bridleways along the Spires and Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail. This year marks the 10th anniversary and will take place on Sunday 15 October 2017! Visit www.1life.co.uk/spiresandsteepleschallenge to find out more.

If you would like any further information please contact or to join our mailing list please email marketingnk@litc.org.uk

  • WalksIf you're exploring North Kesteven on foot, you may wish to follow these walks.
  • Nature reserves and open spacesInformation about nature reserves and parks in the area.
  • The cycle trailThe circular trail highlighted on the map takes you through 2000 years of local history.
  • Countryside eventsA wide variety of walking events.
  • Witham Valley Country ParkWitham Valley Country Park covers around 40 square miles of unspoilt countryside.
  • NK Walking FestivalThe North Kesteven Walking Festival will return for 2017 offering a wide range of walking opportunities this July.