Parking schemes and permits

Parking permits

For off-street parking in Sleaford, the Council offers one car park on Grantham Road for which parking permits may be purchased. Email the Customer Services team for more details.

Residents Parking Scheme (RPS)

A Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) is an area where parking is only permitted in designated areas. Any unauthorised parked cars are issued with a parking ticket. Residents, their visitors and local businesses can park in designated areas when having acquired a relevant parking permit for that scheme area.

A RPS will only be considered at locations where it can be identified residents have a problem finding parking space near to where they live. However, where the problem is caused by too many residents parking in the area then a RPS will not resolve or improve the situation.

To be taken forward, schemes must demonstrate a significant level of support from residents as the introduction of a scheme will have an impact on all households, their visitors and businesses. For more information, please email the Residents parking team.

Lincolnshire County Council operate one scheme in the North Kesteven district. For enquiries on this scheme, please email for more information.