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Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling

As a nation we are walking 20% less than we did a decade ago. How much of the beautiful countryside in North Kesteven have you seen? There are a lot of different walks you can go on and we have some detailed guides to help you learn more about the area as you walk around. Visit the NKDC countrysideNK webpages for more details.

Cycling is becoming more and more popular. Cycling produces no carbon emissions and the emissions produced to make the bike are considerably less than for making a car.

It is also considerably cheaper than running a car. After buying a bike and cycle helmet it should cost no more than £50 to service and repair each year to make sure your bike is roadworthy. Make sure you are safe on the roads with a protective helmet and fluorescent vest. For more advice follow the links below to the Cycling Safely Guide and the Highway Code for Cyclists.

Remember to always wear a cycle helmet especially all children should have one when cycling no matter how short the journey.