Insulating your home is an effective way to cut your energy use and heating costs. It is also good value because the payback time is quick. All the suggestions below can be DIY work except for cavity wall insulation and external solid wall insulation.

Roof space

You should have 27cm (10 inches) of insulation. This can be a DIY job. If you are starting from scratch this typically saves £175 per year.

Cavity walls

It is quite simple - if you insulate a suitable cavity wall, you are likely to save £135 in your first year. This is not a DIY job.

Solid walls

Inside your house, you can lessen heat loss through solid walls by using insulated wall boards, insulating wallpaper or insulating paint. These can be DIY jobs. You can also work from outside using cladding or rendering installed by a professional.

Floor insulation

Insulating downstairs floors or bedrooms above unheated spaces (eg a garage) can typically save £60 per year. This can be a DIY job.


Draughts carry away heat and make you feel cold. Draught-proofing can save you £100 a year on your heating bills.