No matter what kind of energy you use in your house - using less will reduce your bills. If you use energy from fossil fuels it will also cut your carbon footprint.  

Complete a home energy check with the Energy Saving Trust to get a free report telling you how to make energy improvements and save money in your home.

How many of these familiar suggestions do you do?

  • I only boil what I need immediately when using the kettle.   
  • I always have a full load when washing or dish-washing       
  • I often wash clothes at 30 degrees
  • I tend to shower rather than bath
  • I switch off lights when the room is empty
  • I never leave electrical items on standby
  • I always unplug chargers when not in use
  • My home is as well insulated as possible
  • In winter I wear an extra layer or use warmer bedding rather than turning up the heating
  • My fridge and freezer are positioned away from the cooker
  • I encourage my family, friends and neighbours to be energy conscious too

Every little action you can do will make a difference - whether you are motivated by cutting costs or carbon.

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  • InsulationInsulating your home is an effective way to cut your energy use and heating costs.
  • Smart metersSmart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters.