Waste and recycling

  • A-Z recycling guideWant to know how to dispose of/recycle a specific item? Search for it in our A-Z list.
  • Rehoming Furniture and ElectricalsContact details for local charities as our collection service cannot ensure reusable items are rehomed.
  • Discounted compost bins and water buttsA third of the contents of the average black wheelie bin could be composted. Information on the discount scheme offered to Lincolnshire residents.
  • NappiesTaking up space in black bins and too often found in green-lidded recycling bins. Disposable nappies are costly and can never be recycled. Information on making room in your black bin, saving a small...
  • Lincolnshire's “No Thanks” Recycling campaign Information on Lincolnshire's “No Thanks” Recycling campaign.