Garden waste service

Renew or apply for the garden waste service

The service for 2020/21

If you would like to amend your garden waste service (inform us of an address change or order replacement stickers or additional bins etc.) you can do so via our Garden waste - request amendments to service form. Additional bins are charged at £52 which is £35 to purchase the bin and £17 for the additional collection.

You can renew or apply for the garden waste service using our online form.

Bin day collection dates

Once you have signed up to the service your collection dates will be added alongside your black and green dates on the Find my bin day tool.

If you like to find out your collection dates before signing up, you may request a calendar with our Request my bin day online form.

Accepted garden waste

Items wanted and not wanted in brown bin
Yes Please No Thanks
Grass Bags (plastic or biodegradable)
Weeds Food waste (including fruit and vegetables)
Hedge cuttings Ash
Leaves Glass
Clean straw Bricks and hardcore
Flowers Tree stumps and root balls
Plants Grass sods and turf
Twigs Soil
Small branches Household waste
Real Christmas trees
(cut into small lengths)
Soiled pet bedding

Requesting changes

If you are an existing customer of the Garden Waste service and need to request an amended, you can do so via our Request amendments to service form.

Cost explanation

As a discretionary service which residents choose to subscribe to or not, it is essential that the garden waste collection service covers its own costs without the need for subsidy from general taxation.

Reviewed periodically to ensure the charge is set at the right level to achieve full cost-recovery, projections on income and expenditure have to be made over a five-year period.

The £35 charge for 2020/21 has been carefully calculated to take an aggregated, longer-term view of anticipated customer take-up and increased operating costs – fuel, tyres, vehicle maintenance, staffing costs etc.

Following recent cost increases it is impossible to achieve full cost-recovery at the previous charge of £30, which had remained static for four years. At that rate, the service would run at a loss of more than £100,000 in the coming year, which could not be sustained and would have to be subsidised from elsewhere within the Council’s broader budget.

It is our practice to regularly assess levels of service take-up and cost-recovery, with a further review scheduled in two years’ time.

At £35, the North Kesteven service continues to be the most cost-effective of all the Lincolnshire districts.

Collection of first bin - £35.00  

Collection of additional bins - £17.00 per bin

Purchase of additional brown bin - £35.00

Additional bins can be purchased at a cost of £35 each. In addition there will be a collection charge of £17 per additional bin per year.

You can also find details about purchasing discounted compost bins- Opens in a new window.