Request a bin

From 1st April 2020 there will be a cost of £70 for a residual and recycling bin for new build properties. Bins can be purchased using our online form. This form can also be used to request replacement bins for existing properties.

Request a bin

Issue and delivery charge of a residual and recycling bin to a brand new property.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 we may charge for the provision of bins.

The developer may refuse to pay and refer the liability to the occupier which would then delay the process.

Legislation permits charging for the provision of first bins; charging for replacements (due to damage/age etc) was not included in the 2020 ‘Fees and Charges’ report.

  • Black and green lidded.

  • Already being applied for brown bins and provision of large (360 litre) green lid bins to older properties.

£70 for two bins.

240 litre black bin and 240 litre green-lidded bin.

No, but the option to exchange/pay for a 360 bin still an option

North Kesteven District Council.

The bins should remain at the property.

New properties joining the scheme already have to buy their brown bin. In the event of the occupant moving they should take their brown bin to the new property if within North Kesteven District Council.

If bins are damaged or lost during the collection process the bin will be replaced free of charge. If the occupant maliciously damages any bin then a charge for a replacement shall be applied. If a bin goes missing it shall be replaced free of charge.

We have all the information on our Purple Bin page.

The management company shall be liable to pay for the provision of bins.

As part of the delivery service we shall understand how we can agree with the occupant where they would like their bins leaving or better still get a receipt for them upon delivery.

For those requiring additional capacity in line with the policy, no charge shall be applied. 

They must provide an alternative receptacle of an acceptable standard.  North Kesteven District Council reserves the right to stipulate sizes, colours and suppliers for consistency and safety purposes.

No, and by doing this the householder could be acting contrary to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.