Nappies are the single item contributing most to the UK’s landfill waste per year - 6 billion disposable plastic (filled with wood pulp and more plastic) nappies are thrown away. Each taking up to 500 years to break down if sent to landfill.

The average child has its nappy changed 4000 times. Disposable nappies are therefore an expensive option for parents and the environment. The purchase of just 24 ultra-modern convenient re-usable nappies would be enough for all these changes and they can be used again for subsequent children. Saving families around £500 per child.

Forget terry towelling, nappy pins and plastic pants, modern nappies are available in all-in-one designs that make them just like disposable nappies to use. Biodegradable flushable liners make dealing with the contents convenient and good for the environment too.

Speak to other parents through The Lincolnshire Real Nappy Network Facebook Group and borrow a loan bucket to try before you buy. These passionate and dedicated parent volunteers are on hand to provide advice and support. All have used cloth nappies on their own children so are speaking from experience.

They also offer talks and demonstrations at children’s centres and antenatal classes.