Disposing of domestic hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is waste that may be harmful to health or the environment.

Some waste will need special arrangements for its disposal however household recycling centres will accept a wide range or materials so you should first check with them to see if they will take it.

Details of sites, opening times, and materials accepted can be found on Lincolnshire County Council’s find a recycling site webpage.

Note that small amounts of domestic asbestos waste will be accepted at certain recycling centre’s - further information on this can be found on Lincolnshire County Council hazardous and clinical waste webpage.

If disposal of asbestos cannot be dealt with by the County Council due to size or weight, then residents are responsible for  disposal using certified disposal companies. These can be found on the internet or yellow pages.  

If you are a commercial business, you will be responsible for making your own arrangements for the safe storage, collection and disposal of hazardous waste. A number of companies offer hazardous waste collection services in the Lincolnshire area. Information on service providers can be found in commercial telephone directory listings under ‘Waste Disposal Services’.

North Kesteven does offer a service to collect small quantities of domestic hazardous waste in the event that the material cannot be disposed of through the normal the domestic collection or at a recycling centre. This Council service is currently provided at no cost to the householder.

We arrange these collections through a specialised waste carrier when we have sufficient requests for this service, so unfortunately delays in disposal can occur.

Please note that for each item for disposal, we will require the name of the product, the manufacturer, the quantity and whether the container is leak proof. If the containers are leak proof, we suggest you store all of the chemicals in a box to make the collection more efficient. If a container is leaking, please double bag it and store it separately from the other chemicals.