Community litter PIC

Community litter PIC (Pride in community)

Litter is a scourge on our streets and countryside and although the Council has the responsibility to clear litter from public land the problem is wider than that.  Councils are increasingly under pressure with budgets and responsibility to prioritise resources to the worse areas but increasingly these resources are being spread too thin.

There is already an amazing network out there in the North Kesteven district of parish councils, community groups and individuals who have been quietly litter picking for years.  To these groups and individuals I say a massive thank you and I hope that you will continue this amazing work.

If you are as passionate about litter and wanting to make a difference in your community then please do register to join us.

By registering North Kesteven District Council will provide you with the equipment and support to have a successful litter pick.  We shall organise for the collection of the litter you collect and will provide feedback on the success.

North Kesteven District Council successfully applied for funding to purchase new equipment to help clear the district with what is, the curse of litter.  Everyone hates to see litter but the truth is the Council can’t pick every bit of it – so by securing this funding it is encouraging community groups across our wonderful North Kesteven district to follow the example of Cllr Wright and Head and sign up for the NK Community Litter PIC, thus taking pride in our community.

If you are a community group, a walking group, school or even a lone dog walker and you too want to make a difference in your community then visit to register.

What will happen after I have registered? 

  • We shall send you some hints and tips on how to have a success but “safe” litter pick
  • You tell us when you plan to do it
  • We shall deliver the equipment
  • You do the litter pick and tell us where to collect the litter from. Don’t forget to take pictures to share with us!
  • We shall provide you with lots of facts and figures on how much was collected.

What we shall provide:

A full pack of support for everything you need;

  • Litter pickers
  • Plastic bags
  • Gloves
  • Hints and tips on “How to have a successful but “safe” litter pick

Will we collect the equipment back in?

Not unless you ask us to.