Driving in our cars is one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions in this country. In a rural area such as North Kesteven, many of us rely on our cars to get about on a day-to-day basis but did you know that a quarter of all journeys made by cars in the UK are less than 2 miles. If we use all of the different forms of transport available, like walking, cycling and public transport it would help reduce emissions as well as improve our health.
  • Using the carNationally the Act on CO2 campaign has launched 'drive 5 miles less a week'
  • Public transportThere is public transport available across the District but as a large and rural area this is very limited in some areas.
  • Walking and cyclingAs a nation we are walking 20% less than we did a decade ago
  • Greener holidaysHow much do you know about the tourist hotspots right on your doorstep?
  • The future of transport in North KestevenChanging the way we travel is essential to our health and reaching our target to reduce emissions to almost zero by 2030 to tackle climate change.