Feed in Tariffs

Feed in Tariffs (FITs) are paid by the Government and energy-supply companies to people who are generating power using renewable technologies. The information here is aimed at local homeowners, communities and small businesses.

The rate at which FITs are paid depends upon:

  • The type of renewable technology being installed - solar, wind, hydro, anaerobic digesters and micro-combined-heat-and-power installation
  • The size/capacity of the installation
  • The dates of commissioning and of application for FITs
  • The energy efficiency of the building supplied
  • The number of sites on which the FIT recipient is claiming

In order to be able to claim the FIT you must ensure the installation is carried out by providers registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). The exception is for micro-hydro schemes which should be accredited by ROO-FIT. There are a large number of companies supplying renewable technology and prices do vary we advise you get at least 3 quotes for any works.

If you are considering any of these renewable technologies the Energy saving Trust feed in tariff webpages have lots of information and advice to get you started and also shows the up-to-date FIT rates applicable to each technology.

There is also very helpful information on the GOV.UK feed-in tariffs webpages.