Sleaford Maltings - Adopted Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Adopted SPD

The Council will formally Adopt the Sleaford Maltings Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) as Council policy on 18 August 2006, to supplement Policies in the emerging North Kesteven Local Plan. The SPD forms part of the Local Development Framework. It is a material consideration in determining planning applications.

The Adopted Sleaford Maltings SPD and the accompanying documents are available for viewing or downloading by clicking the links below.

What does the SPD do?

The Sleaford Maltings SPD expands upon and supplements particular planning policies within the emerging saved North Kesteven Local Plan, regarding the development of the site known as Sleaford Maltings, Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

The SPD is a brief that addresses, seeks and promotes the comprehensive re-use, preservation, restoration and regeneration of the landmark Sleaford Maltings listed buildings site. This is in order to see the site’s retention under new uses, prevent its decay, and maximise its contribution to the character and economy of Sleaford and the wider area.

New uses and building works on the site would still have to obtain planning permission and listed building consent before development could proceed.

Council Consideration

After Executive Board consideration on 15 June 2006, the full Council, at its meeting held on 29 June 2006, resolved that the Sleaford Maltings Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) be approved for Adoption as Council policy, to supplement policies in the emerging North Kesteven Local Plan.

Accompanying Documents

The following supporting documents are published alongside the Adopted Sleaford Maltings SPD: -

  1. Adoption Statement - Details of adoption and period available for judicial review.
  2. Final Consultation Statement - This is a Statement of Main Issues Raised through Public Consultation on the Draft SPD and SA. It records what formal public consultation was carried out, the Representations received and how the Main Issues raised in these representations were addressed in the Adopted SPD.
  3. Final Sustainability Appraisal Report - A statement on how Sustainability considerations and appraisal and consultation have been taken into account and integrated into the SPD’s preparation.

Availability for Inspection

As well as the documents available for downloading below, copies of the adopted Sleaford Maltings SPD and accompanying documents are also available for inspection, during their normal opening hours, at the following locations: -

  • District Council Offices, Reception, Kesteven Street, Sleaford
  • Council’s Info-Links Office, The North Kesteven Centre, Moor Lane, North Hykeham
  • Council’s Info-Links Office, 15A High Street, Metheringham
  • All Council’s Community Access Points
  • All County Public Libraries (static and mobile) within the District.

Adopted SPD documents

The Adopted SPD documents can be referred to and downloaded from the downloads section.