Affordable housing - housing needs study

The area has experienced a period of rapid growth which has seen the population increased by approximately 40% between 1991 and 2001, with average building rates over the last 5 years of approximately 750, exceeding the targets set by the Structure Plan of 400 houses per year. Despite the increases in the supply of housing, local house prices have escalated and are now beyond the reach of those on average local incomes.

Work undertaken with the Council’s tenants in 2004 to review their priorities for further housing, identified the supply of affordable housing as a key priority.

The Council commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment to quantify the type and level of need across the district and to inform the development of new policies to ease the high level of need. The nature and extent of the need for affordable housing has been examined and identified by this Housing Study which was undertaken in 2004, and finished and published in march 2005. The main findings of the Study lead to a definition of the need, and identified the level of need, for affordable housing in North Kesteven. The Council’s Executive Board adopted the Fordhams Housing Study (the Housing Needs Assessment for North Kesteven District) on 24 March 2005. See attachment below.

The Council formally adopted the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 15 September 2008, to supplement planning Policies in the adopted North Kesteven Local Plan 2007. The SPD forms part of the Local Development Framework (LDF). It is a material consideration in determining planning applications.

The Adopted Affordable Housing SPD and the accompanying documents are available for viewing or in the downloads section.