Canwick Heath Sustainable Urban Extension

Proposals for Canwick Heath

Following on from the recent consultation of the emerging Central Lincolnshire Local Plan identifying scope for the growth and development of housing, employment and supporting infrastructure, North Kesteven District Council wants to share more information on the specific proposals for Canwick Heath.

This is a distinct proposal within the scope of the Central Lincolnshire Plan, identifying the area between Bracebridge Heath and Canwick as a sustainable urban extension; delivering a distinctive new community of more than 3,500 homes , jobs, schools and facilities, in a high quality environment over the next 20 years.

Below are three plans showing draft proposals for:

  • Framework Plan - showing how the development could be built out - ‘what will go where ‘
  • Phasing Plan- show when areas of the development could be built over the next 20 years and beyond
  • Open Space plan - where the open spaces ( parkland, fields etc. ) could go

The plans are draft at this stage and are available for comment. The current consultation process is informal and intended to give the public an opportunity to give their views by 15th January 2016. Any comments made will be used to help inform a future draft of the framework plan for Canwick Heath before any detailed planning applications are submitted . The public will also have a formal opportunity to comment on any future detailed planning applications.

For more information or to make comments please email the Housing Strategy team.