Site Inspections

When can I start work?

Once an application has been deposited and accepted, work can commence on site. The Building Regulations require that you or your Builder notify the Council at various stages as listed below.
Please note: Planning permission and/or other approvals may be required before work starts. If in doubt or for advice please contact your local Planning Department before work commences.

What stages need to be inspected?

  • Commencement
  • Foundation excavations
  • Oversite hardcore
  • Damp proof course
  • Roof
  • Pre plaster
  • Electrical first fix
  • Drains and private sewers open
  • Drains and private sewers backfilled ready for testing
  • Completion of work

How do I arrange an inspection?

Inspections can be requested by phone, email or in writing. However experience has shown that it is best to speak directly with the Building Control technicians to arrange a convenient time for the inspection.

If you need further information please contact the Building Control team by telephone or email. Alternatively you can write to or visit a Building Control Officer at our Sleaford Offices: Building Control Services, North Kesteven District Council, Kesteven Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 7EF