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Access Group and Access Officer

Access group

The NKDC Access Group was established in 1991. They meet four times a year and look at many aspects of accessibility including buildings, pavements, car parks, public toilets, polling stations and many more and are a goodwill group using persuasion sooner than demanding things and have been involved in many local issues.

When Sleaford first became pedestrianised they looked at and helped with things that could be improved from a disability point of view. The Sleaford Shopmobility scheme was also launched by the group and continues to be a useful service within town. Some members also give help and advice on access audits.

All planning applications for non domestic buildings are assessed for accessibility by members of the  Access Group and recommendations are made over and above planning and building regulation legislation which will make the buildings accessible for all.

As an incentive to improve access, the group awards a plaque if a business has gone over and above the disability guidelines.  These have previously been presented to village halls, supermarkets, garages and even a bridge!

Access officer

The Access Officer’s tasks are primarily to support the NKDC Access Group to ensure a convenient and accessibly built environment for the whole community, with particular reference to people with disabilities.

Tasks undertaken by the Access Officer can include:

  • Provide specialist advice, including consultations and interpretations to applicants in respect of planning and other applications to the local authority
  • Provide suitable design guidance for the creation of an accessible environment
  • Promote and encourage the virtues and values of Access and to extend the awareness of the limiting effects of inconsiderate practises in respect of environmental design in order to create more user friendly facilities within the community
  • Obtain from the Access Group a consensus view as to the priorities of the community in order to influence practices and policies in the area
  • Review and update the design criteria in line with the needs of the community in the light of experience gained
  • Maintain a liaison with other local authorities, national and local organisations, manufacturers and suppliers to monitor developments and initiatives which may benefit the local community
  • Identify local impediments to Access and suggest  suitable measures for improvements
  • Research and provide recommendations for the improvement of Access to other areas such as Housing and Special Needs Adaptations, Public Transport, Education, Sports & Recreation, Electoral Administration etc.
  • Recommend measures to remove impediments to the employment of disabled people
  • Assist in the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 where applicable

Access Officer Contact Details

Paul Weldon
Access Officer

Tel: 01529 308104
Email: paul_weldon@n-kesteven.gov.uk