The Natural World Centre car park

The Natural World Centre and it’s car park at Whisby Nature Reserve is owned and managed by North Kesteven District Council. If you have received a parking fine whilst leaving your vehicle here and need to pay the fine, you can do so here.  

Method of payment

The Excess Charge shall be paid to the Council by through our online payment form or by ringing customer services on 01529 414155. Payment should be received by the Council no later than 21 days from the date on the fine. If payment is received within 14 days of the date on the fine, the amount is reduced. In no circumstances should the charge be paid to a car park attendant.

If you believe you have been issued a parking fine in error, you can appeal it through the our online appeal form or by contacting Customer Services on 01529 414155.

The opening hours of Customer Services can be found on the Contact the Council webpage.

Nature of offence

  1. Failing to display a valid parking ticket.
  2. Leaving the vehicle in the parking place after the time of expiry of the parking ticket.
  3. Transferring the unexpired parking ticket to another person or vehicle.
  4. Leaving the vehicle in a parking place other the parking place in which the ticket was purchased.
  5. Leaving the vehicle in a place other than a parking space defined in the Order.
  6. Leaving the vehicle in a parking space provided for the use of drivers displaying an appropriate disabled persons badge on the vehicle.