Partnership NK

Who is involved?

Partnership NK is made up of a wide range of organisations from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. Our partnership is open and inclusive which means that new members are welcome, and the membership may change during the delivery of the Community Plan. Key partners include North Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, Hill Holt Wood, 1Life, Voluntary Centre Services, Lincolnshire Co-op, Lindum Group, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Lincolnshire Credit Union, Job Centre Plus and Work Based Learning Alliance.

To become a member of Partnership NK please email us.        


Partnership NK has three main priorities, Our Communities, Our Economy and Our Homes. There are action groups set up to undertake the delivery of the challenges identified in the Community Plan for each of these priorities. Membership of each group is drawn from as wide a pool as possible, including members of the Steering Group and the Full Partnership.

  • Our Communities - to promote the sustainability, wellbeing, safety and health of communities in North Kesteven
  • Our Economy - to promote the prosperity of North Kesteven
  • Our Homes - to encourage sustainable communities, with a focus on affordable housing, local services and local infrastructure.

Community plan

A community plan for North Kesteven has been published. The new Community Plan for North Kesteven has been written by Partnership NK, which is a collaboration of organisations from public, private voluntary and community sectors, in consultation with members of the public. The plan sets out the aims and objectives for improving people’s lives in the District over the next five years, and actions to achieve them. You can access the community plan from the downloads section.

Improving the way we work together

We are committed to recognising that joint working depends on a clear and mutual understanding of our respective roles.

The District Council will:-

  • Act as a positive advocate for the work of the local councils and to support the work of local councils as widely as possible.
  • Ensure that new District Councillors and staff understand the role of local town and parish councils.
  • Help deal with changes in policy or in response to new legislation. To date, we have offered planning training and are now looking at carrying out risk assessments for playgrounds.

We also promise to keep local councils involved and informed. Our parishes told us they needed information on who to contact in North Kesteven District Council, so we produced an A-Z directory to help them; please see the attached document below.

We realise that there are different levels of resources within local councils and will ensure that we present information in the way that is best suited, at the right time, to the right people.

We will also keep our parishes informed of the work of the Executive Board and Scrutiny Panels.

Partnership NK Projects

Have you got an idea for a shop but need help getting it off the ground? Find out how we can help with our pop up shops and stands.

Sociability on Prescription

A new project has been created that pulls together all existing health and wellbeing referral methods to make the process easier for everyone. The project is called Sociability on Prescription and makes referring to the Health Trainer service, Health Walks programme, Wellbeing Service and other social activities much simpler for anyone who refers others for support or advice.

By making signposting easier it is hoped that we can help to improve people’s health and wellbeing, and importantly, reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation that some people in our District experience.

Anyone can be referred into Sociability on Prescription by completing a simple form and returning it to the Community Initiatives Team at North Kesteven District Council. Forms are available at GP surgeries and at the Council Offices. Further details on each element of the project and how to refer are as follows.

The NK Health Trainer

The NK Health Trainer can provide tailored health information to support people to lead healthier lifestyles. This can include advising on diet, exercise and weight management, and providing support to prevent Type 2 diabetes, stopping smoking, and reducing or managing alcohol intake.

Encouraging Sociability

For those who need encouragement to get out and about and reduce their loneliness, this is a free signposting service to activities and/or social groups. A short telephone or face to face interview will help to identify the individual’s areas of interests, then if needed they can be accompanied to the first and second visit to the group or activity.

NK Wellbeing Service - 18 or older

The NK Wellbeing Service is a locally provided low level support service, individually tailored to meet peoples’ needs, delivered in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council. ‘Life can Change’ and we may be able to help you deal with the challenges it can create. If you are 18 or over the Wellbeing Service may be able to offer you support for a fixed term either with advice or by signposting you to services. We can also assess for and install small aids for daily living and/or Telecare/Community Alarm Equipment. Anyone can be referred to the Wellbeing Service. There is a very basic eligibility criteria to ensure the service is given to people who need it.

Referrals to Sociability on Prescription are free as are most of the services. However, please note that some social activities may require a payment. Further details can be provided on referral.

Partnership NK is working together with SustainNK to deliver the three joint partnership priorities. The range of support provided to North Kesteven residents, community groups, schools and businesses includes waste minimisation, maximisation of energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development.

For more information visit our SustainNK webpages.

Community gardens

The Health and Wellbeing Fund supports the setting up of Community Growing Schemes. The aim of these schemes is to encourage communities to grow their own fruit and vegetables. These schemes will be managed by volunteers with advice readily available from Master Gardeners. To date there are seven sites approved for use as Community Gardens - Sleaford Foyer, an area of Lollycocks Field in Sleaford, grounds at Grinter House, North Hykeham, Martin Community Orchard and Billinghay Community Garden. There are also two schools at Welbourn and Brant Broughton involved in the scheme. Visit the Brant Broughton pre-school Facebook page to follow their exciting progress.

Master gardeners

Master Gardeners have been appointed as mentors to help community growing projects and households master the ins and outs of organic gardening and conquer the challenges of cultivation. The project is part of a national programme, operated locally by PartnershipNK.

Cooking courses

Free introductory cooking courses are being run to promote healthier eating, balanced diets and more sustainable lifestyles. The courses are open to anyone and are two-hour sessions over a six-week period. They include general advice on nutrition, food safety and food labelling. Initial courses are in Sleaford, but if there is demand they could be held in community and village halls elsewhere. For details and booking email

In 2012 Partnership NK agreed to fund Branching Out as a two year pilot project run by Hill Holt Wood. The aim was to bring the old and the young together so they could learn from each other and hopefully dispel any perceived stereotyping.

The pilot was a success and the project is still run by Hill Holt Wood today. The young people are all in the NEET category (Not in Employment, Education or Training) and receive training in cooking, catering and gardening.

As part of their hospitality qualification the young people help prepare meals which are then served at an affordable price to the older generation in the Wood Hall at Hill Holt Wood. Transport is arranged for any of the older people who need a lift to the venue. The young people then sit down with everyone to enjoy the food and chat to the older people about their life experiences. The whole event is overseen by the experienced Ranger Team at Hill Holt Wood.

For more information, or if you would like to set up a Branching Out event in your local village please call 01636 892836 and ask for Oliver Woodman.

At the annual partnership event in 2012 the partners agreed to fund a project aimed at supporting victims of perceived ASB in North Kesteven. Once an ASB case has been reported and fully investigated if additional support needs are identified the victim can be signposted to a support service. This service will help them to feel more able to manage their lives, establish a more realistic perception of what is acceptable behaviour and support in developing a mechanism for becoming less dependent on state intervention in managing their lives.

This project empowers vulnerable residents within the community to feel positive about themselves and able to be more independent. This project demonstrates clear benefits for both those that have been signposted to this service, as well as partner agencies that are dealing with ASB in that we have had a significant reduction in the number of repeat complaints from vulnerable residents.

The Police and Crime Commissioner recognised the value of this Partnership NK trial project and the impact it had in North Kesteven and has agreed to fund the project so that Lincolnshire County Council’s Safer Communities can roll it out to the whole of Lincolnshire.