Lincolnshire Energy Switch

Lincolnshire Energy Switch

 Lincolnshire Energy Switch registration

You must re-register if you have switched before. Personal offers will be sent from Monday 26th February. The deadline to accept is Tuesday 27th March.

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How does it work?

The Lincolnshire Energy Switch aims to make it easier for residents to switch to a cheaper deal for electricity, and, if applicable, gas. Including those with prepayment and Economy 7 meters. It also factors in any discounts currently received.

Registering is only a request to be sent an offer stating whether you would save money by switching. Only if you accept will your supplier/tariff be switched for you.

Four rounds are run each year by the UK’s collective switching experts iChooser on behalf of Lincolnshire councils. There is a registration period for residents followed by an auction for suppliers to submit their best tariff offer. Therefore the more people registered to potentially switch the better the offer the energy providers are likely to put into each auction. The winning suppliers are now regularly offering tariffs not available on the open market.

Those who cannot register online can speak to NKDC customer services staff who can register residents offline and support them in the process.

If I register myself, friends, or family, do we have to switch?

There is no commitment to switch, it is just a request to receive an offer. Therefore an individual can sign up friends and family online too.

When is the next round?

Registration closes for a short time before the next round opens.

  • Registration opens – Tuesday 5th December 2017
  • Auction – Tuesday 13th February 2018
  • Offers sent from – Monday 26th February
  • Acceptance deadline – Tuesday 27th March

There will be rounds in Spring and Autumn 2018.

When registration is closed can I be notified when the next round opens?

If you register but don’t switch you will receive an offer in the next round.

If you switch you must re-register as the agreement with suppliers dictates that we cannot contact you. We are working to change this.

You can sign up for the quarterly SustainNK newsletter which contains the dates for the next round. To receive it by email contact , or to receive it by post, call or write to NKDC (see the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page). If you do not wish to receive the newsletter and just be informed of the next date please state this.

Who do I contact if I have a query?

If you registered online, NKDC will have no access to your details and you should contact iChooser on 0800 048 8285.

If you registered through NKDC customer services staff by phone or by coming into our offices you should contact them again and they will speak to iChooser on your behalf.

Need more information?

More information on the Lincolnshire Energy Switch is available in the frequently asked questions section on iChooser’s website.