Smoke nuisance

If you are experiencing a smoke nuisance you can report it to us using the online smoke nuisance form.

Report a smoke nuisance 

Reporting a smoke nuisance from a bonfire?

Before making a complaint we suggest approaching your neighbour first, as they may be genuinely unaware that their actions are affecting you. 

However, if you feel that approaching a neighbour is not appropriate, please ensure that you have established where the bonfire is before you make a complaint. 

Please remember that there are no laws against having a bonfire. 

It may be possible, however, for us to take action if it can be shown that the bonfire is a persistent problem and is interfering unreasonably with your wellbeing, comfort or enjoyment of your property. 

Bonfires can be problematic because they can:

  • Be a nuisance; the smoke, particulates and smells they create can ruin residents’ enjoyment of their property, preventing them from opening windows, using their garden, etc.
  • Produce harmful poisonous gasses such as carbon monoxide.
  • Add to the background level of air pollution.
  • Spread fires onto fences or buildings, scorching trees and plants.
  • Harm animals; piles of waste are often used by animals for shelter.

There are other ways of getting rid of waste without burning:

  • Compost garden and kitchen waste.
  • Domestic waste can be taken to various Council refuse sites.
  • Recycle your waste.
  • Shredding; shredders for woody waste can be bought or hired

If you would like to have a bonfire:

  • Use dry material only.
  • Avoid burning at weekends and bank holidays.
  • Don’t burn tyres, cables, plastics, rubber, painted products or household waste.
  • Don’t leave a fire unattended, even when it’s just smouldering.
  • Warn neighbours that you are going to have a bonfire.