Pollution and nuisance

Part 3 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requires us to take reasonable steps to investigate and, if appropriate, to take formal action in the event of justified complaints of statutory nuisance. A Statutory Nuisance in this context can include emissions of smoke, fumes or gases, dust, steam, insects and light. The emissions must arise from premises and must materially affect the use or enjoyment of other premises.

Typical of complaints of this type are smoke and ash from garden bonfires, smoking chimneys, dust from building and demolition activity and cooking smells from restaurants. If satisfied that a complaint of statutory nuisance is justified, an Abatement Notice can be served upon the person(s) responsible, occupier or owner of the premises (as appropriate) requiring that the nuisance be abated.

  • NoiseIf you are experiencing a noise nuisance you can report it to us.
  • Smoke nuisanceBonfires can be a nuisance - the smoke, smuts and smells they cause can ruin residents' enjoyment of their property.
  • Odour nuisanceMost of us are troubled by unpleasant smells at some time.
  • Light nuisanceCertain types of artificial light, if improperly sited or used, could give rise to statutory nuisance.
  • Air qualityNorth Kesteven District Council is actively involved in assessing and controlling air quality throughout the District.
  • Pollution controlInformation on ways pollution is controlled.