Contaminated land

North Kesteven District Council is committed to ensuring that contaminated land present in the district is identified and dealt with in the most practical and efficient way, and to ensure that the most pressing and serious problems are addressed first. Our priorities are to protect public health, important ecological sites and the water and built environments.

To achieve this, we have a small team of specialist Environmental Health Officers and support staff assessing, identifying, prioritising, and securing remediation of land contamination within the district. Working closely with other regulatory bodies our aim is to ensure that historically contaminated land is cleaned up in such a way that it is safe, suitable for a beneficial use, and does not pose a risk to health or the environment as a whole.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Unit works closely with the Planning Department in ensuring that new development on potentially contaminated land does not give rise to any significant risks to the future occupiers and users of that site. Further guidance is available in the downloads section.