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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Environmental health and protection in the North Kesteven district.

  • Contaminated landNorth Kesteven District Council is committed to ensuring that contaminated land present is identified and dealt with.
  • Radon and North KestevenRadon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless natural gas found in soil and rocks.
  • Pollution controlInformation on ways pollution is controlled in the county.
  • Drainage and sewersUseful information about drainage and sewage issues.
  • Animal and pest controlUseful information about animal and pest control issues.
  • AsbestosAsbestos is a naturally occurring mineral of which there are 3 main types.
  • Air qualityNorth Kesteven District Council is actively involved in assessing and controlling air quality throughout the District.
  • NoiseIf you are experiencing a noise nuisance you can report it to us.
  • Private Water SuppliesIf you get your drinking water from somewhere other than a Water Company then it is likely you have a private water supply.
  • Statutory light nuisanceCertain types of artificial light, if improperly sited or used, could give rise to statutory nuisance.
  • WeedsThe Weeds Act 1959 classifies certain species of weed that grow in the UK for specific control.
  • Odour nuisanceMost of us are troubled by unpleasant smells at some time.
  • FloodingWe work closely with the lead flooding authorities Lincolnshire County Council and the Environment Agency.
  • Smoke nuisanceBonfires can be a nuisance - the smoke, smuts and smells they cause can ruin residents' enjoyment of their property.