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Emergencies and emergency planning

Emergencies and emergency planning

In an emergency always call 999, for all non-emergency calls call 101.

Emergency services

Lincolnshire Police Service
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service
East Midlands Ambulance

Council emergency contact details

Our out of hours emergency hotline is 01529 308308 or 01522 699650. These numbers should be only used for minor emergencies that are not immediately life threatening such as:

  • Emergency housing repairs - no power/no heat.
  • Unsafe buildings - collapsed walls, genuine gale damage.
  • Fallen trees.
  • Noise/pollution.

Emergency planning unit

The Lincolnshire Emergency Planning Unit is responsible for co-ordinating the response to emergencies across both North Kesteven and Lincolnshire Tel: 01522 582220


If you are made homeless because of an emergency contact us for advice. Our out of hours emergency hotline is 01529 308308 or 01522 699650.


The Environment Agency is responsible for issuing flood warnings. To report flooding, ring Lincolnshire County Council Highways Team on 01522 782082.

Power failure

Western Power Distribution are responsible for the electricity distribution in the midlands and provide information about power cuts.